May 20, 2022

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The policeman in military fatigues and a combat helmet is losing his patience with the tiny woman staring at his chest and flatly refusing to evacuate from the Ukrainian front. Whistling shells have just resumed smashing into buildings across the war-shattered industrial city of Lysychansk. Angelina Abakumova stands a little closer to her two little children at a shelter where she has spent the past months living in a pitch-black bunker and does not budge. Policeman Viktor Levchenko points at the sky in exasperation and tries to coax the mother into an armoured evacuation truck waiting to make a mad dash past Russian artillery positions and to a slightly safer part of Ukraine.

Several hundred social and education workers in the municipal sector held demonstrations in Potsdam on Monday, demanding financial improvements, gender pay equity, and a reduction in overwork & shortages of skilled workers.  Source:  Ruptly
Kharkiv’s northern suburb Saltivka was devastated following months of shelling, as footage filmed on Tuesday shows. Local inhabitants were left without electricity, water or telephone signal, as they are attempting to cope with the aftermath of the fighting and shelling. According to Ukrainian authorities, Russian forces have been pulling out of Ukraine’s second-largest city, where they were launching military operations since the incursion began on February 24. Moscow has not made any comments on the current situation of its military deployment in the region.    Source:   Ruptly