July 27, 2021

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More units of Afghan National Security Forces have been deployed at the Torkham crossing at the Pakistani border, as seen on Friday, in response to the advance of the Taliban launching offensives amid the US-NATO withdrawal.

In Paris, police turn water cannons against people protesting against plans to impose vaccine passports and to institute a system that would discriminate on account of vaccine status.
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Rome against the Green Pass (Health Pass), a measure adopted by the Italian government applying movement restriction to unvaccinated citizens.

On this 26th day of July 2021, in Headline News, Iraq’s Prime Minister said that his country doesn’t need US military forces, in Online News.

In World News, the US and China are holding talks, highlighting differences, in News Online.

In the Economy, stocks at Hong Kong’s market mostly closed lower, in the context of China’s government’s increasing restrictions on its tech sector, in Online News.

In World News, clashes in Tunisia took place near its parliament, following the President’s dismissal of that country’s Prime Minister, in News Currents.

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